Friday, June 17, 2011

Pregnant Ramblings

Today's rambling is a list of things I may never want again (or at least won't want for a very long time) post-pregnancy:
~Crackers (of any brand, flavor, variety, etc.)
~Pretzels (not even the cute goldfishy pretzels)
~Sprite (or Sprite-like beverages)
~Red Gatorade
~Flintstones vitamins

Things I hope to someday want again:
~Food (in general)
~Beverages not listed above
~Chocolate (yes, it gets it's own special listing)
~To get off the couch and actually do something besides lay around

I'm sure the lists (particularly the former) will grow as rapidly as my belly.

I am attempting to keep my sense of humor throughout this experiment, I mean, experience. Though, I must admit, it is proving a little harder to do than I anticipated. Sure, I heard the horror stories, but it wasn't going to be like that for me. And I am thankful that all I've had to deal with is my appetite fleeing to some undisclosed location; morning sickness stopping by for a few days at a time, leaving, and returning again uninvited and unannounced; and a little dehydration problem. I know it could be much worse. MUCH worse. But that knowledge doesn't make mornings any easier. I am trying to be part of the optimistic (or deluded) camp that believes it will "get better any day now," but it goes against my nature to be so positive. I am, after all, the "happiest pessimist" you'll ever meet, right Katy? I wonder if I should take Mini Morris' early tendency to induce havoc as an omen....


  1. Let's hope that you are feeling better in approximately one week and a few hours from now. Little baby muffin nugget prune will be a little bit bigger, so hopefully you will move past morning sickness. As you may remember I am an excellent cheerleader, so maybe I can come up with something for when I am in Columbus! We need to have a phone conference soon. Miss you!

  2. I know that all the platitudes are wearing thin about now but trust me on this one---this will soon be a distant memory.....I would also be happy to give you some of my appetite if only it worked that way. Love you!

  3. I know I must be crazy, because I already know it's highly likely I'll do this again in a few years. I'm a glutton for punishment or something.

    I'll just try and look on the bright side- I haven't had to buy maternity clothes yet. But I imagine it won't be much longer until I have to make the switch.